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Building a Rainbow Network

On our mission to stand by LGBT people in those places in the world, where their lives are especially difficult and where they face extraordinary homophobia, we have taken a few important steps ahead. It’s been over a year since our wonderful fundraising event in support of the LGBT community in Uganda, and we can now proudly report on the investments we have made with these donations and to portray the projects we are supporting. Once again a heartfelt thank you to all our generous donors!  

Uganda is considered one of the most homophobic countries in the world. Gays, lesbians and transgender people are despised, prosecuted and often hurt or even killed. They live in a society which not only lacks providing any protection but in which homophobia is fueled deliberately by politics and churches. An every-day life unimaginable for us, which is an ever-lasting reality for LGBT people. 

Many of them try to escape from their homeland. But where to? All around them on the African continent, homophobia is deeply ingrained in most modern societies. Very few individuals manage to travel overseas where they petition for humanitarian asylum. But what about the others? What about those who have no chance of ever obtaining a visa, who have barely enough to survive, let alone money to travel? Our effort is to make a difference for those who cannot escape and must fight for survival. 

We have come to realize that helping LGBT people become knowledgeable and learn practical, professional skills, to build self-esteem as individuals, and to develop a powerful social network as a community, are the keys to economic independence. And that, in turn, is the key to success and a basic sense of peace and belonging even within a hostile environment. 


An aid and support network for homosexual, bisexual and transgender people in places around the world where they face discrimination, imprisonment, torture or even death.